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Commercial & Residential Door Replacement Services


As a business owner you know that you need to make sure your business is not only secure but also looking sharp and good as new on the inside and outside. If you are opening up your own business and purchased a property for it, you need to make sure that all of the doors inside and outside the property are all properly aligned and installed, and are working correctly. You never know who owned the property before you and how they took care of it. That is why it is so important that you call a professional door replacement specialist when you think there is a problem with any of your doors.

At NCR Locksmith And Doors Ottawa we know the importance of replacing old doors. It is obviously better visually to open up a business with brand new looking doors but it is also much safer as you do not know how secure and sturdy the old doors are. You need to be sure that your property is always safe and secure at any moment of the day and night. Call NCR Locksmith And Doors Ottawa if you need any door replacements and we will be sure to have our best door replacement technicians out to your location to fix and replace any broken, damaged or old doors.


Doors go through many different types of wear and tear throughout the many years they are installed in your home. When buying a home, it is super important to do a walkthrough to inspect the condition of all the doors. You never know how the owners before treated the house or how many other people have lived in it. Whether there were many children living in the home drawing on or breaking the doors or the doors are just simply very old from being there since the beginning, NCR Locksmith And Doors Ottawa is here for any and all doors replacements. Not only is the house going to look better overall with brand new doors but it will make your home so much safer for you and your family.

You want to be sure that your doors are strong and durable especially the doors that give access into your home. An amazing way to update your home and keep it secure is to make sure all of the broken doors and the doors that seem to be weak and old are replaced with sturdy brand new ones. Call NCR Locksmith And Doors Ottawa for any home door replacements and we will make it our number one priority to secure your home. You always want to ensure you are receiving professional door installation and replacement service for your home so you can rest assured that your home is safe and secure.

Also for replacing interior doors you want them to last for a long time and look good to match the rest of your home, which is why you need them to be professionally installed and of high quality. We guarantee that when you call us for door repair services our technicians will provide you with the best services in Ottawa and leave you completely satisfied with the service.


Whether your door is jammed, has a simple squeak in it, or is completely broken and has trouble opening and closing, we here at NCR Locksmith And Doors Ottawa can replace it all. There are many parts to a door that can break and it is important to replace them when they do. The door hinges are a very important part of the door, they allow for the doors to properly open and close effortlessly without having to use any force.

When those start breaking you will start to have many problems with opening and closing your door and by not replacing it you will continue to cause strain on the door and make the situation worse. Each and every one of our door repair and replacement technicians are very skilled in the work they provide and fully trained to replace or repair any door, such as glass, wood, metal, steel, security door and even fire rated doors and that’s why we are considered to be one of the best door repair and replacement services in the city. Don’t leave your malfunctioning doors unattended but instead give us a call and we can make sure to replace your old doors with the best quality doors around.


Do not worry about the time or day when calling NCR Locksmith And Doors Ottawa for your door replacement needs. We have emergency door repair and replacement technicians who work around the clock to make sure you are never stuck in an emergency situation with no help. Having reliable and durable doors is so important in both a home and a business which is why we offer 24/7 emergency services for door repair and replacements for both residential and commercial properties.

When the front door to your home or business breaks or stops closing properly, you will need to get the doors repaired or replaced in order to be able to close them and feel safe that no one can open it or break it down easily. These doors need to get replaced as soon as possible in order for you to feel safe and this is where we come in, we offer emergency door repair and replacement services to our loyal customers 24/7. Don’t hesitate to call us at any time of the day when you need an emergency door replacement. Our skilled emergency door replacement technicians will be on their way to get the job done.

NCR Locksmith and Doors Ottawa provides emergency door replacement service for your home and business 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Often when you need a door replacement service it is at odd times of the day after a break in attempt, which is why you need a professional door replacement service that can assist you at any time. So when you need emergency door repair services, then call NCR Locksmith and Doors Ottawa to receive the fastest door replacement service provided by professional technicians who are always ready to assist you.