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Need a second opinion about the services offered by NCR Locksmith Ottawa? Here’s a collection of just a few of the wonderful reviews from just a few of our wonderful customers. Find out why NCR Locksmith Ottawa is quickly becoming Ottawa’s go-to team of professionals

Car Key Replacement

Zac Falkiner

I love these guys! I called once before to duplicate my car key so that I would have a spare but I clearly was not smart enough and carried both my main keys and the spare in the same backpack which got stolen. I was locked out and stranded at the beach with no car keys and I knew exactly who to call.

NCR Locksmith And Doors Ottawa was amazing. They picked up the phone right away, which took some stress off my shoulders, and then one of their technicians came out to me within 30 min. The second he got there he started making me my keys and it was super quick and I was charged the exact price I was told over the phone so I had no surprises. I will definitely be calling these guys for anything I need from now on.

House lock out

David Herring

I would recommend this place for sure! I accidentally forgot my house keys at work in my office and I do not live too close so the last thing I wanted to do was go all the way back to get them. I searched up a locksmith nearby and NCR Locksmith And Doors Ottawa popped up so I decided to give them a call and I am glad I did. The tech got there in probably about 25 min which was awesome because it would have taken me around an hour one way if I went back for my keys.

He quickly came and unlocked my door and I was able to relax at home after a long day at work rather than having to go all the way back. The price was also very fair so I had no complaints and I will definitely be saving their number for the future.

Car lockout

Emma Ferri

I was really satisfied with this place and their services. I have never used a locksmith before because I was never in a situation where I needed them. I really thought that locking my keys in the car would never happen to me but of course it did. I was putting my groceries away and somehow forgot my key in the trunk and locked myself out.

I had no idea what to do so I called my friend who sent me the number to NCR Locksmith And Doors Ottawa he said he used them before and had a good experience. I gave them a call and they answered right away and the lady on the phone had a technician call me very quickly.

The locksmith came pretty quick and unlocked my car for me so that I could get my keys out. I was nervous about needing a locksmith but they made the process really easy. I got my keys in no time and now I know who to call if I am ever in a situation like this again.

Ignition repair

Lydia Golubeva

I am super happy I found this company’s phone number. My husband went out of the city on a work trip so I was alone with both of my kids when something happened to my ignition. I was leaving the house to get the kids out for a bit and I have no idea what happened but my keys would not turn in the ignition. I was not sure what to do because my husband normally deals with stuff like this so I started searching up places that can help and I found NCR Locksmith And Doors Ottawa so I gave then a call hoping they can help with it.

The lady on the phone was very helpful and calmed me down a bit and had a locksmith call me. He told me he can help so he came right away to take a look at it. I am not sure exactly what the problem was, I just needed it fixed and the technician that came was very friendly and fixed it right away for me. He was so nice and explained what happened to my ignition as he was fixing it for me. I had a great experience and I recommend them to anyone.

Commercial Locksmith lock change

James Howells

My store unfortunately had a break in and they completely destroyed the lock I had on the back door of my store. I knew immediately I wanted to change all the locks in my shop to higher security locks that are much stronger. I knew about NCR Locksmith And Doors Ottawa from a buddy of mine so I decided to give them a call as well. The technician who called me was extremely helpful.

We talked about all the high security locks I can get installed and he was able to book me in that same day to come and change them. Their prices are pretty good compared to many other companies I have heard of and they delivered perfect services. The tech came and started installing the new locks on all the doors right away and gave me a few copies of the keys for no charge. I am very happy with the work they did and the locks are perfect. I feel much more confident leaving my store knowing it is secured now thanks to these guys.

Residential Locksmith rekey

Connie Blaker

I just recently moved in to a new home which was in very good shape and we loved the locks they had installed so we did not want to change them but we obviously still wanted to make sure we were the only ones with access to our home. I called NCR Locksmith And Doors Ottawa to see what can be done and I did not know that rekeying a lock was a thing.

It was exactly what we needed so I booked them right away and we had a locksmith come the very next day to rekey all of our locks in the house and provided new keys with them. They were amazing every step of the way and I am glad I found a company like this that I can trust. I highly recommend giving them a call.